If I can save one more dog-lover from the heartbreak of losing his dog by simply preventing it from ever happening ...I'm happy.

If I can prevent your dog from a 1 in 3 lost statistic within his lifetime...I have done my job.

If I can teach you how to prevent and protect your dog from an unscheduled separation PLUS provide a tool to reunite when acted on quickly...

Now I can! With the Whistle Me Home!!!


A proven Lost Dog Prevention and Retrieval Method I created just for you AND your dog. 

Click Here and begin your trust-filled how to Now. Order your own Whistle Me Home and protect you and your dog from tragedy now. 

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Joyce's 25 year career Communicating with Animals opened many doors; travels teaching Animal Communication, authoring five books, elevating nursing student's intuitive abilities in the School of Nursing and appearing on Asian television for two years and in 2008 Headlining the Tokyo Pet Show.


Now her passion includes protecting dogs and other pets from the horrors of being lost through The Safe Dog Movement. Its mission is to expose and suppress simple ways even the most dependable dog can suddenly disappear. 


The Movement awakens, informs and teaches how to avoid one of life's greatest fears; becoming an MIA...being lost with little to no hope of ever returning.



Joyce's other passion is the animal's people. "I cannot help animals without helping their people first". An animal's problem is only retrievable when his person steps up and assumes responsibility.

Knowing what that responsibility is her mission.

Teaching it is her passion.


Joyce is available to speak to your group, meetings and associations. Her animal insights apply to people too. 







Tel:  303.243.1145


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