Joyce Leake, a renowned Animal Communicator has spent most of her life searching for answers and asking the questions - what is next and how do I get there? Joyce realized early on that many of us are “stuck” in the present state and unable to ascend. People tend to create the same situations and outcomes for themselves time and time again. She possesses a heightened awareness of seeking the truth and is dedicated to enlightening others along her path toward personal discovery and value. Joyce’s inspiration for EVOLVE-Alution came from her desire to balance life and fill in the blanks for her many questions. We must each find our own awakened self and spiral upward. Much like riding a wave,
life ebbs and flows so we must respect the power it possesses and remain focused.


Joyce will teach you how to open the door to your own inner wisdom and abilities. EVOLVE-Alution, a fresh ‘new’ age perspective creates a solid foundation. Her exceptional abilities and insights will provide an opportunity to finally grasp who you are, your special purpose, why you need to evolve and how to find contentment in life.