Are the Powers that Be playing tricks on Animal Communicators, Healers and Intuitives? They say yes!!! - their intuitive Channels are clogged with weird interference.


If the practitioners' trusted channels are static and fuzzy imagine what beginners face; doubt, lack of confidence, non-trust.


And for devotees to creative visualization, vision boards, meditation, intuition or gut feelings? It is a weird can't put-your-finger-on-it thing.


How-to's say face it head on - use your skills and practice!!! Get that connection - concentrate.


What's the mystery? Why now? What's going on?


The Powers that Be tell it is a COVID-19 issue. Not the virus but a necessary adjustment that slipped through Spiritual space. Weird, yes but not for those in the know - call it a Window of Opportunity.


We're told to look for something good in what appears this case we can thank our seclusion; it offers an unexpected enrichment wrapped in confusion. It's a secret revealed on Saturday morning at 9:00 MT - April 25th - just 20 minutes to explain & 10 minutes Q & A.


You'll be surprised to know that answers are provided by a neat duo; science and holistic research. Can't wait to tell.


Join me - Saturday, April 25th at 9:00 MT


Your investment? $19.99


See your inbox for how to join.


Until then...Thank you,

Joyce Leake


Professional Animal Communicator, Intuitive, Author, Speaker and Teacher




First in the Series of Quick Answers for the Curious.

More coming!!!

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