What if your pet jumps over or digs under your secure fence? What if he escapes when you answer the door, wiggles out a screen, chases a rabbit too far, panics in a thunderstorm or breaks his leash?


He’s gone. Now what? Call his name at the top of your lungs? For How long? Until your voice disappears?


Hurry! Reach for the Whistle Me Home Whistle and Blow!!!


Teach your dog how to come running when he is tempted or unfortunately – missing – from the safety of you.


Tragically too many dogs are lost, hurt or stolen wandering away from your best-intended care.


Don't Be Helpless!!!


The Whistle Me Home teaches you to teach your dog how to connect with you when danger happens; staving the heartbreak of losing him.


Don’t wait!!! Prepare!!! Order your Whistle Me Home kit each with

  • Easy-and-fun how-to’s to listen for the Whistle and come back home to you
  • Each Whistle Me Home exclusive Whistle has a Flashing Light attached to a Breakaway Lanyard
  • Carry your dog's Reward Treats in the Special Whistle Me Home box
  • PLUS!!! Yours FREE - an EXTRA Whistle Me Home Whistle...Never be without your Whistle!!!



  • The Whistle Me Home Pet Sitter’s Checklist…The best intentions can go “a-stray;” even when leaving your pet in the care of a responsible pet sitter. The most important questions you need to ask your pet sitter to ensure the BEST pet sitting experience ever!!!
  • The Whistle Me Home Emergency Checklist…3 Action Steps you need to do First for best practices to find your pet.
  • Plus!!! FREE SHIPPING in the USA


Thank you for ordering the Whistle Me Home.


Great Gift for Friends and Family! Whistle Me Home


Whistle Me Home

  • Be Prepared!!! 

    Store your Whistle Me Home Whistles in plain site. 

    Instruct every one in your area where they are and how to use them in case of an emergency 'lost experience'. 

    If teaching with treats make sure to have them on hand for your Happy Dog Reunion.