My "Box of #!*$ - Crap" Challenge

ReAlLy? Before my coffee? My Box of #!*$ - Crap Challenge? No more avoiding the issue(s) for me. I created this so it is my Challenge to walk the talk.

What is a Box of #!*$ - Crap? A neat little storage place where my "self limiting beliefs" are neatly stored away from its original warm and cozy, inside me.

What is the Challenge? Defining what's been in my way, holding me back, delaying my progress, procrastinating my decisions - plus a lot more other stuff.

My Challenge: To cry uncle! Okay, it's a part of who I am and it is something(s) that can influence my life again or I can choose to FACE head on and do something about.

The Box of #!*$ - Crap gives my Self Limiting Beliefs a place to live - it separates me from them - the stuff I've been holding on to for too many years.

My Box of #!*$ - Crap Challenge is to press on and be the person I was always meant to be, to live the passion I was meant to live and to complete the purpose I signed up for. Ah, feels good.

I accept this Challenge and promise to face this head on. Are you with me?

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