Odd Duck’s Secret to Life

Check it out… Are you…

Passionate, driven, loyal, secretive, selective, an out of the box mover, thinker and shaker, inquisitive, creative, confident – most of the times, an outsider, independent…

We Odd Duckers are not offended being described. We actually take pride that others inquire.

We've discovered a Secret to Life. Call it an inner strength that connects with an inner core; a radar of sorts to our secret source, our feel good factor.

If we honestly reflect we will remember how we leaned on our feelings first when decisions had to be made, choices discerned and directions chanced.

When we allowed the "what's right for us" life's currents miraculously got smoother. No back wash, wave crash or over flow. Just the right amount of "go with" that kept us on an even keel and promised more smooth paddling ahead.

Life is good.

The Odd Duck Society Welcomes More Odd Duckers! Is that You?

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