Don't Box Me In

One of my favorite authors is John Randolph Price. His timeless book, The Superbeings, is a resource I access regularly. Its wisdom is as current today as it was when first authored, 25 years ago.

One such paraphrased nugget is, Abundance is limited only by what the recipient deems acceptable.

When I gave myself permission to fully absorb this statement I realized that for me, the recipient, what I deemed acceptable was actually not only my own parameters and limitations, but what others deemed "acceptable" for me.

Even though it didn't necessarily resonate with what I perceived as right for me today, their influences and persuasions planted their hesitancy, limitations and other abundance-flow crimpers into my receptive mind and thoughts years prior.

And unbeknownst to me apparently I carried on their mindsets dutifully influencing not only myself but others as well to accept the same.

See how this cycle of lack and limitation can take over, consume and control outcome in a most incidious way?

Now maybe you already had this one figured out a long time ago. However for me, it became obvious and profound for me today. And, because today is the first day for fulfilling tomorrow, I'll take it.

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