Can Dogs Experience PTSD

When my friend, Ielah, took her dog, Ruby, for her morning constitutional, a neighbor's BIGGER doggie lunged from behind the bushes scaring the living daylights out of them.

Within seconds Ruby broke loose of Ielah's grip and beat-feet it back home.That was the good thing.

Nerves calmed, back to normal, or so thought, until later that day when Ruby tore into her bed ripping it to shreds, not one piece of stuffing left. Ielah was shocked. "She seemed fine."

Fortunately for Ruby, Ielah practices Reiki and Ruby's need for rebalancing "soaked it right up".

Ruby is good now as proof of the monster dog's continued attempts to unfrazzle her nerves. He s the neighood bully.

Fortunately for Ruby she knows two important things: Her Mom understands her need for support AND she will apply her Reiki skills to help her Release and Rebalance when those BIG memories resurface and attempt to unravel her resolve.

We wonder why animals react the way they do. Perhaps a piece of that puzzle is because they, like us, have not had or accessed a means to Release.

We are a complicated lot and we continue to be amazed that our animals can be too.

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