Big Sister Pranks

Thank you, Big Sister, for taking after Dad, the prankster in the family. Between you two, mom and I staunchly remained "on the ready" for jokes, tricks and other surprise antics.

Since I was the only sibling, I bore the brunt of Lynn's stunts. She'd play the big sister role to the letter, reeling me in and then, whamo! the punch line'd hit.

Funny? Yes, in the end but sometimes, downright scary. Like the time she chased me around the house dangling a preying mantus on the end of the broom, or more annoying when she'd suck the cherries out of my favorite chocolate-covered candy leaving me the empty shell. She'd go to great lengths for that one quietly waiting until I'd have a craving for the good stuff only to discover it was unstuffed - literally! Or when she told me, "Joyce, there's a spider on the wall" only to discover THERE WAS A SPIDER ON THE WALL NEXT TO MY HEAD!

The biggie was when she put Vicks Vapor Rub in my panties! It was at the most critical moment ever, right after my first date. No, nothing happened, only the illusion, from my mom's perspective that something did! I thought I had a disease and was afraid to tell anyone for fear of what they'd think, especially mom.

Except for Lynn's smirk, I knew she had something to do with it. Ah HA! It was you.

Why share silly stuff like this? I mean, who wants to know, really? For one thing, it's cathartic, and for the other, it reminds me who I am and what my growing up life was like. It reminds me of my reactions, from extreme to ho-hum. And, it reveals how much of an influence, or not, my formative years have impacted my life today.

Yes, of course, I'm certain my psyche is dented because of it all however, regardless of what it was intended to be or not, it is what it is. Today I can reflect on its bigger picture, if I want to, or I can continue to "just go on".

Life is short. For me making it simple and easy is my goal. I'm at the point in its journey where struggle does not work for me anymore. And, in retrospect, I wish I had had the insight and wisdom to recognize that before.

I didn't - but I do now. How much better can my life be? I only know that because I am willing to Receive, there is literally no end in sight to its possibilities.

Fond memories. Funny times. Poignant experiences. All part of a life with endless options, opportunities and revelations to come.

More's comin...

Joyce Leake

Messenger for Animals and People

since 1994

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