Over- Under- Wire...Overload

It used to be that being too wired referred to an ill-fitting undergarment. Today, as reminded by my fellow Odd Ducker, Gillian Driscoll, PhD, when her skills "rewired me", the electronics I've been exposed to lately had me retro-fitted for off-tangents.

Odd Duckers are susceptible to electronic overload; a sneaky and invasive means that fragments, tangles, confuses and befuddles even the most even-keel Ducker.

Be aware! Cure? None.

Electronic Overload is every where.


Go ride a horse, take a walk, wriggle your toes in the sand, get your fingernails dirty, check out the stars.


Other wise, you could burn-, spin- or fry-out. Life's too short for overload. Don't let

Don't let life pinch.

More's comin'. I, Point Ducktress, know of what I speak.

Joyce Leake


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