Odd Duck-ers LOVE Dogs

It is proven that dogs are willing keepers of their people's Trusts and Truths. No matter what.

Dogs are more than willing to show our best sides even when we are at our less than. No matter what.

So treat your doggies well.

Give them the love and respect that they deserve.

Go to great lengths to see them for who they are; for the most part, willing partners in your life. And for others, unfortunately subjected captures in a life of servitude.

Here Nugget and Benjamin enjoy the good life because of two "Incredible" Odd Duck-ers, Donna Block and photographer, Verna Allinson, willing to go to great lengths to gettin' it right.

Odd Duck-ers LOVE dogs.


Joyce Leake, "Pointress" of the

International Society of "Incredible" Odd Ducks

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