Look What's Staring Me in the Face

One of the steps in the Box of Happy is the Box of Crap. I bet you're asking, "Who needs crap, right"? Well, I certainly don't and that's why THAT Box was created.

You see, too many of us dwell on our Crap instead of looking it square in the face and doing what it takes to Get That Crap Out of Our Way.

Easy? Yes it is if you are willing to recognize what your doo-doo is and then follow through with a plan to get out o your way.

Just like you, I knew that there was stuff lingering in my mental closet. And, I bet, just like me you diligently did one of the same two things with it:

1. Dabble in its implied empowerment and allow it, again, to influence, override and overtake your precious plans

2. Or, because of its success to entrap you in its patterns that you'd toss up our hands and cry "Uncle" - again.

I get it. You see that was my pattern too. Until - the Box of Crap raised its clever head in my head to come to the rescue.

From my searches, tries and attempts with so many other programs trying to help me cope with my stuff, I realized that wallowing in it was contrary to what I needed to get moving in the positive direction I so hoped for.

Despite all those good intentions, something inside of me told me I needed something else.

When it came to me to separate me from the stuff, my own drag-downs, that clogged my forward momentum and ultimate success. I knew that I needed something to help me take charge of my doo-doo or otherwise it would continue to tighten its grip and take control of me, again.

My hope is that by you reading this post, like me, you'll take a hearty notice of your stuff too.

And then I hope that you'll connect with me so that I can share with you a quick and happy resolve to separate you from your determined entanglements. You don't need to be held back but set free. The Box of Crap is a silly, fun and incredibly powerful tool to set you on your path.

Time is of the essence. For as you delay so does your success in whatever form, wish, hope or dream that that means to you.

There is a new wave for those who are willing to "do". I'm riding that wave and I hope you will too.

Joyce Leake - Now Unlimited and Lovin' It

Author of a Box of Crap

Receive and Get Yours Now ... www.JoyceLeake.com

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