Check Gate

Years ago considering a move from Oklahoma to Colorado, exactly where in the vicinity between Colorado Springs and Denver, became the question. Just where would we plant our next crop of roots?

From our previous locations, one near the pristine and romantic Atlantic Shore and the other, well, less so by a long shot but not without its own amenities, northeast Oklahoma, we at least had something to compare.

We chose southeast of Denver with its then rural flavor we came to enjoy. The slower pace, the small town atmosphere and of course, a place for our horses and dogs. The exact location soon became the bone of contention as both of us had different "just how rural" was too or enough viewpoints.

In retrospect that was probably the first real memory of a life-stopper, resistance. Resistance is one of those emotional check gates that can delay a good thing simply from the fear and anticipation of what possibly could be on the other side. Take the move, for instance. Not knowing "precisely what was on the other side of where we were, where we hoped to be and where we might end up" made for a tumultuous decision problem.

Just coming to a compromise on what we both thought we wanted with what might be the possibility and heaven forbid, if anything was to alter in the meantime. The gate of resistance held up our decision process, our next step and our happiness simply because we didn't know and were too afraid, stubborn or not informed to "try it". And, if on the off chance we did not like it, we could - move.

How powerful is resistance in your life? Are there issues, decisions, considerations or just discussions that demand W-D 40? Your resistance Check Gate may need some lubrication.

What is at the root of the resistance? Does it make you quiver, shake or run to the bathroom simply by the mention of the word? What memories does it bring forth?

And in its defense, resistance can also be a warning of sorts; but of what and why?

When resistance makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, don't run from the issue at hand. Take note and a deep breath. Give yourself the gift of investigation and delve in to your reasons why. Be truthful and be honest.

Resistance, your Check Gate.

Joyce Leake

CEO of Unlimited

Animals, People & Odd Ducks

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