The Post that Launched the Odd Duck Pond

No more Just Splashin’ Around

On December 8th, 2015 I'd had enough pretending that my family and me were BFF's. You might say it was an eyes-wide-open experience finally seeing the light and admitting my family was never going to get me.

Now I'd had this conversation with myself for many years but that day was especially pivotal; it finally made the impression it had been trying to get through my resistance for years.

It was time to let go of the idea that I was wished for and welcomed in their circle; as evidence proved, I clearly was not.

Oh sure, I'd been a curiosity over the years. On one side they accepted, I was married to their relative and on the other, despite being born into, I was still the out there one who could spout out funny quips, show up with a delicious casserole and was always on-the-ready to add insights to their conundrums when asked. "Do what you do with that thing that you have and see what you get." Referring to the swing of a trusted pendulum, an intuitive hit or just plain knowledge about the subject they wanted help with.

It was time to take a stand and denounce my need to please and be "just me", the acceptable Odd Duck whose skin, ah hem - feathers, felt just well, Ducky.

Apparently my Facebook Post, December 8th, 2015, hit a nerve with others who had similar experiences with their loved ones too. That post made the circuit faster than a duck could paddle across my now large and still growing, new-family pond.

So, you're an Odd Duck too?

Welcome to our Pond. We're making splashes we were always meant to make but this time without the glare and sneer from our this-is-how-we-got-here family. It feels good to swim with like kind.

So, here it is...

the Post that Launched the Odd Duck Pond

No more Just Splashin’ Around

Just got back from family visiting and realized that "I simply do not belong". It's okay, really. I wish someone would have explained this to me when I was 5 instead of me having to figure it out on my own. Hey, maybe that's the lesson. Coming to conclusions of where you fit, or don't, is part of the process of a Select Soul. It's been a while since that title graced this page. In the Holiday Season - it really is a neon sign. We are different. We think differently, our outlook, enthusiasm and need to conform is noticeably different and all in all, we're pretty neat folks. So, may your season be a cheery one! When you look across the table and as you try to relate - accept that you won't. Life is just too short to live it confused, frustrated and allowing that to confound all your good qualities and attributes. More's comin'

Are you an Odd Duck? Come on in, the water's fine. Connect with me, please. I'd love to hear from you and offer you a wave. We need more creators just like you.

Joyce Leake, CEO of Unlimited

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