Odd Ducks of a Feather

Just as birds of a feather seek their own, Odd Duck-ers do the same.

Gosh, I feel as if I've known you forever.

The truth is - you have.

There is a familiarity among those on a similar path, er, flight, as the Duckery is attesting. We want and need to be "with those who get us".

Which is why the Odd Duck Society was formed - to provide a place of respite and solace so that we could seek our own cause and proceed without judgment. We are "odd" for a reason.

And, in this case, a good one.

We innately know that our lives are very important and carry a wave of responsibility that others not on our flight path simply do not get.

We know that within our feathered body is a plethora of information, laden deep and designed to help us muster our cause, our passion and our purpose.

For truth be known, the last time we were flying around we may have missed a few landing ponds which waylaid our focus. Hence, one of the reasons we're back in this frequency today.

So, time's a wasting - get your feathers dusted - smooth out their rumples and set course for "All About You". We need you here and now. Know that as quickly as the window of opportunity opens it can close the same.

The Head Duckers Up There in the Universal Pond are always testing. This time, for me and hopefully for you, I expect to get more than a passing grade.

Happy Paddling! And, Welcome to the Odd Duck Society. You're safe here because we get you.

Joyce Leake

Chief Visionary for Odd Duck Society

Animals - People - and Odd Duck Society


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