Tupperware Temptations

I can thank reusable plastic food storage containers, the ones with the handy snap-on lips, for reminding me to stay focused and on track.

A silly metaphor except when attacking not only this task but others that can interrupt a positive flow.

Yet to the point, throwing them into a drawer temps my resolve.

Not that I don't want to relive my 3-year old stack-the-boxes lesson but come on, when I'm in a hurry do I really have to?

No, I don't. However, need I remind myself, again, of my 2016 commitment; walk the talk; buckle under my self-imposed pressure to "not" and just do it.

So today I succumb to my commitment as the temptation otherwise is an easy caveat.

And as a Receiver, I also know that the tendency to make excuses for may suffice in the moment, but too many of those moments can alter my ability to attract altogether, thus putting the kibosh on my well-deserved Receiver ~flow~.

Food for thought. More's comin'

Joyce Leake, Founder of the Odd Duck Society - Creating Our Own Waves One Paddle at-a-Time

Animal and People Communicator


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