Just Paddle Away

It is not your fault that others do not get your Odd Duck wisdom, brilliance and specialty.

The reason they rarely get you is because they are too interested in getting them. It is as simple as that.

If you are an Odd Duck you have experienced this more than most. OD's want to help, enlighten and inform whereas the others take offense to your insights, become defensive when you hit a nerve and feel threatened that you can see through their facade.

Their concerns are about them, their lives and their importance and when you press your message is taken as big-headed and pompous.

So the next time you find yourself in a group test the conversational waters first before dipping your toe.

There are no limits to an OD's inquisitiveness which make for smooth waters while others not on your wake will need a life jacket just to stay afloat.

They inherently know it but will rarely admit to it.

It is easier as an Odd Duck when you know who is in your pond.

Joyce Leake, Founder of the Odd Duck Society - Creating Our Own Waves One Paddle at-a-Time

Animal and People Communicator


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