If THIS sounds familiar,You MIGHT be an Odd Duck!

Calling All Potential Odd Ducks. Is that YOU?

A new feature from JoyceLeake.com has practically birthed itself. Several months ago I wrote a FB Blog that caused quite a flutter. See link below.

That action hatched a new group of followers who tell me "they want more" Odd Duck stuff. They want more connection, more in-person togetherness (we birds do flock together) and help on "how to survive as an Odd Duck in a non-Odd Duck world". Survival Guide coming.

In the meantime, take a quick look at this short quiz and let me know what you think. Or, hey, Join now for $13.52 a YEAR! (Ask me later why that Odd Duck number - there IS a reason.)


Have fun skimming this thought provoke-tion. If it describes an Odd Duck YOU, Welcome.

Jump in and Ride the Wave!

1. I prefer the deep end in the conversational pool. The shallow end is, shallow.

2. I choose my friends and partnerships carefully. I've been dunked before.

3. I never run out of creative streams. There is always more.

4. Struggle and adversity, you can roll off my Duck's back.

5. I like to be on point, focused and in the lead (sometimes).

6. I keep paddling despite strong currents.

7. I aim to please, sometimes too much.

8. I may be a few feathers short of a pillow but that's okay.

If your quiz declares you an Odd Duck now what?

Join Now! 1 year membership, $13.52

Jump into the Odd Duck Pond on Facebook

Coming Up!

1. Connect with other Ducks in person and virtually. Gathering, coffee, class(es)

2. Let your Inner Quack be heard. Deep-end conversations coming your way.

3. Exchange helps, hints and support. Cannon balls will not empty your pond.

4. Share Quacky stories to inspire others to crack their shell.

5. Find out what MADE you an Odd Duck in the first place? It's quite a story.


Not sure what to expect? Check out the Pond on Joyce Leake Unlimited's Facebook page

Still not sure? The Blog that Started it all is one click away.

Let me know your thoughts...more's comin' .

Thank you,


Joyce Leake, On-Point Odd Duck


Questions? Call/Text Me - 303-243-1145

Joyce Leake

Founder of Odd Duck Society, Club Happy, Animal University.com

Animal Communicator since 1994

Author, Speaker, Visionary

Joyce is available! Connect with Joyce for a delightful excursion into her world of unlimited opportunities, creativity and knowledge. Joyce is a pioneer in extraordinary philosophies, concepts and introspection. A delight to add to your event, program or gathering.

Contact Joyce Leake www.JoyceLeake.com

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