Shy Girl

Presence is a word used to describe those in the public eye. Some have it, that charisma, charm and command; others struggle pretending. It is embarrassing and cringing.

Can presence be acquired? Is there a class to create presence? Yes, of course. Many have made careers teaching others how to present, speak and command. Something so natural does come with how to's for those who seek to learn.

There are many applications that simply cannot be overlooked and require putting your best foot forward especially if you are in business for yourself and your income depends on it.

If you feel competent in your product, ability, service - whatever you are offering - your presence, translated into your enthusiasm, will naturally show it. You simply cannot hide how excited you are with what you have to offer. You KNOW it is great, terrific and will be of benefit to others.

So why is it that those, especially in the intuitive practices, have difficulties telling others about their respective abilities that can and will help others?

None of us in these fields want to be criticized, labeled or judged for what we do. Yet too many seek shelter from when in fact, if they would take in those fields that are not in theirs, the commercial products and services, they would quickly note that THEY are subject to scrutiny as well.

There is no free pass for judgement. It IS what it IS.

Yet when not sharing your skills, abilities and gifts fewer can benefit from what you have to offer. And, if someone thinks it's not so great - so what? There are a bazillion others out there who will.

Maybe it is as simple as how you present yourself, your presence. If it needs a boost, great! There are professionals who can help. What YOU HAVE and CAN GIVE is worth it.

Joyce Leake, Founder of the Odd Duck Society - Creating Our Own Waves One Paddle at-a-Time

Animal and People Communicator,Author, Speaker, Visionary

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