Fear of Getting Noticed

There's an epidemic circulating the business world, especially in the intuitive-types.

It is not new, only newly noticed in this age of social exchange. It affects bottom lines like none other and promises to encourage a decrease in notoriety, opportunities and growth.

For those who are afflicted the symptoms are:

1. Immediately prompted by the shy, inhibited and/or insecure practitioners with motivations to gather others like them. There is legitimate reasoning supporting caution, however, please see list below for suggestions to help.

2. Contrasted with the confident and focused candidate yet now leaning towards the likenesses of the first example and succumbing to the interference, wariness and influences from others.

In other words, Fear. Fear of being noticed, seen, located and/or in the public eye.

In today's cautious world, and for too many good reasons to be aware, it is important to be selective and not give away all your personal data. However, if one is in business, it behooves oneself to be accessible. There are ways to accomplish that outcome within the boundaries of safety and security.


* Have more than one phone and phone number

* Hire an answering service

* Get an additional email address

* Get a Post Office Box number and box within a secure business store

* Set Business Hours

* Make appointments in a social/public environment

* Buddy up with a partner and share your whereabouts and schedule

Certainly there is room for compromise for both the practitioner and the client. Be as cautiously creative as you can possibly be but please Be. Your clients need and want your services. Be as accessible as possible and within your specified sense of safety.

Joyce Leake, Founder of the Odd Duck Society -

Creating Our Own Waves One Paddle at-a-Time

Animal and People Communicator,Author, Speaker, Visionary


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