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2008 was a pivotal year for me. Returning from a 2 year experience working for a prime-time TV show and network in Tokyo, Japan, I realized it was important to renew my work at home. Animal Communication. The, at-the-time, controversial subject for a skill and ability which comes naturally to almost all animal-loving people, was just beginning its surge. I was a part of that phenomena and still am today.

A student from one of my classes, Vickie Wickhorst, Ph.D. approached me to write a book on this very subject. As I shared with her, I didn't want to write a book like everyone else's on the shelves. If I was going to write a book, I wanted it to be profound. Her smile said it all.

We agreed that we would collaborate and produce a book topping my greatest expectations and we did. Working with Vickie was a dream come true. Her mind is one in which I could swim every day and never come up for air. Her gift is information discovery and retention. She is a master; clearly evidence in our work.

I picked up our book again today and read at random our work. You may feel that this is a biased review, okay, it is. However, Decoding the Mystery of Interspecies Communication is unlike any other book on the Animal Communication shelves. It combines and explains the mystic with the science and validates its conclusions with references that can serve as a week's reading in themselves.

Thank you, Vickie Wickhorst, for inspiring my dream and pulling it off. We did it mainly because YOU did it.

Read this mere snippet of the complete work, over 300 pages of Wow.

CHAPTER 1 The Benefits and Power of Interspecies Communication

Many years ago when I first discovered “hearing” animals, I never dreamed where it would take me, what it would mean to me and how it would affect my life.”

Humans have been domesticating animals for over 100,000 years (or they have domesticated us, as you may discover later). We seem to need animals around us.

We’ve kept pets in the home for at least 5000 years. Why? Why are we bringing them into our homes? What is it we sense in them? What need do they fulfill? Why are we interested in communicating with them? Finding the answers to these questions is a journey.

In this section we will teach you how to communicate with animals. The answers to some of the questions above lie in the other sections.

But, ultimately, you’ll need to explore why you want to learn to communicate with animals. But, beware. Interspecies communication is less about animals than it is about you. It’s about your willingness to be open to the possibility that you can communicate with another species, your determination to do whatever it takes to communicate, and your commitment to apply your understanding through practice.

Chapter 1: The Benefits and Power of Interspecies Communication

It’s time to renew your innate, hidden ability to talk with those who occupy your space, fill your time, and impact your heart and emotions. Your animals call you to listen.

What is Interspecies Communication and how does it happen?

Decoding the Mystery of Interespecies Communication and it's partner,

Communicating with Animals, the 21-Day Guide to Success, the WORKBOOK

are both available

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