Odd Ducks and Funerals

Odd Duck Trait # 17, 'Odd Ducks are Respectful'

At least that is what this Odd Duck chose to be when her co-Odd Duck's father passed away. I did not know him personally, supporting his family in their loss was important and the right thing to do.

Odd Duck Trait # 9, 'Odd Ducks tend to Scan'

Next time I promise to READ, not scan. It would have prevented a rush-hour, autobahn-traffic nightmare on a growling (wish I would have grabbed breakfast) stomach.

Odd Duck Trait #24, 'Odd Ducks Are in Perfect Time'

Whew! I did it. In the parking lot 10 minutes prior to the Service start time.

Odd Duck Trait # 6, 'Odd Ducks are in a Rush'

As the quiet, low key, almost ghost-like voice spoken by the lovely lady greeting my flurried entrance asked, "How may I help you?" I'm here for the - I don't know the person's name (why didn't I read?) - I'm here to support the family.

"Yes, dear" as she handed me the tastefully-written program with an elderly lady's photo gracing its cover. Who is this?

Odd Duck Trait #4, 'Odd Ducks Can be Argumentative'

This is not the person. "Yes, dear. This is the decedent." Where's the father? "You must be at the wrong funeral location."

Odd Duck Trait #27, 'Odd Ducks Are Known for Red Faces'

Oh crap! I mean, I am so sorry. When I was told the funeral is scheduled for Next Week.

Odd Duck Trait #2, 'Odd Duck's Troubles Roll Off Odd Duck's Backs'

Sticking only gets Odd Ducks stuck and who wants or needs that? Time to laugh! With all due respect.

Joyce Leake, Founder of the Odd Duck Society -

Creating Our Own Waves One Paddle at-a-Time

Animal and People Communicator,Author, Speaker, Visionary


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