The Sweet Spot

Mastering the Art of Animal Communication, is achieving that level of competency that boggles the beginner's mind and astounds the client.

It is the Wow that keeps him/her within your preferred communicator, call back and referral circle.

What is the distinction? Learning how to Master the Art of the Intuitive Feel.

It is not a physical feel, per se. It is what some will describe as the intuitive feel. Yes, it can perceived and even felt but not without the mastery of the Art of Combining Two Critical Components:

1. Knowing how to ask for it from the animal and,

2. Knowing how to Receive it.

I refer to it as the spot in between where the real magic happens. It is that spot where the sense of indisputable knowing results.

However it only results when you are paying astute attention. It takes determination, diligence and repetition to recognize and hear even the tiniest of insights, hits and other incoming messages. Yet when you do they will provide the foundation and groundwork on which to build an amazing flow of information to benefit the client, you and of course, the primary beneficiary, the animal.

More's comin' because I just keep on learning myself and like passing it on.

Joyce Leake, Founder of the Odd Duck Society -

We're Making Waves

Animal and People Communicator,Author, Speaker, Visionary

Founder of

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