Your Soul is Talking...Are You Listening?

Your Soul is your heart, aching for you to discover your truth - who you are and why you are here, now.

Regardless of your place in life...your successes, challenges, triumphs and more - you are ultimately here on this planet today for a very significant reason.

When you know in your heart what that reason is all of life's questions, struggles and conundrums, with like stresses and strains attached....simply melt away...

...and then miraculously, doors open; once clenched tightly, now excited to share and offer you their opportunity.

I waited. My procrastination held me back for 50 years...50 years...not of time wasted...opportunity delayed. When I learned my life's purpose, I was surprised to discover that it was right in front of my nose all along. In fact, I had been 'doing it' yet just didn't notice.

Now, I'm taking what I learned and applying it to its fullest capacity creating more, bigger and better in every aspect of my life; family, work, finances, relationships, is simple now.

It will happen for you too.

This is not a self-analyzing, dig deep is an easy Memory Walk...where all your answers beg to be discovered.

Our time together is 38 minutes.

It is a TeleConversation.

38 minutes of Epiphany...that will alter outlooks, shift heaviness to lightness, transform stress to wonder and elevate your happiness to a new level.

Mystery solved.

Now you know - no more questions - only answers.

Please say yes...this experience is warranted to open you to your Soul's grandness.

$38 Reserve My Box Seat, Please

Also included is Follow Along Notes...

I cannot wait to hear your voices.

With best regards,


Joyce Leake

Animal and People Communicator,Author, Speaker, Visionary

Founder of the Odd Duck Society - We're Making Waves

Founder of

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