I am a Receiver Referral Gift

Everyone deserves More! How to get the more seems to be the conundrum.

Our busy lives and heavy responsibilities consume our energy, time and enthusiasm. Somehow getting more in life whether it is money, time, better health and relationships seems a far reach.

That's how I felt until I am a Receiver dropped into my lap. I am fortunate to have had this open my eyes for a better everything. I feel empowered and more in control of what I want, where I'm going and how I'll get there now that I am a Receiver.

My goal is to share it with others too.

As a Thank You for helping me spread the word with your friends, neighbors, family, co-workers and other connections, I want to Give to You so that you may Receive my gratitude.

I can always give things...but will things fill coffers?

For me $$$ have more clout.

To Thank YOU for your referral Please Receive $20 for those who purchase a Box of Happy - the HEART of I am a Receiver.

With that I'll say a Thank you to YOU for not only your referral but for your commitment to this very magical tool.

I am a Receiver and now YOU are a Receiver too.

Joyce Leake

Founder of I am a Receiver

and more...www.JoyceLeake.com

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