Simply Leaked - Animal Communication -Best Kept Secrets for Your Success

I have secrets - lots of them - from animals, their people and most importantly - from me. The kind of secrets from 'how to' to what if and why not and

ope you, like me, a professional in a designated field, (mine just so happens to be Animal Communication), when you reach its pinnacle you'll reflect on how much your passionate investment helped you enjoy, learn from and inspire others.

In all honesty, that describes me. I simply love talking with and listening to animals. I'm blown away with their truth and their perception of life. I'm blessed.

It is because of their honesty that I was inspired to write, speak and teach their wisdom.

What I've learned is well, simply amazing.

How Hearing Them Affected Me

My life is simpler now, calmer and more peaceful. I attribute it from truths I am now privy to; animals are not afraid to answer questions very few will ask.

I do what I do because of them. I teach and mentor those who want to learn what I know, do what I can do and be more at ease because of it.

Animals push me to help you discover your own abilities to hear them. They know your life will transform too; no more secrets.

Where to Start

Animal Communication Classes are available. We teach them here at Animal University but before you sign up for one, here are a few things to consider;

  • how quickly can you expect to discover your own abilities

  • how soon can you expect to 'hear the animals'

  • how can you be sure you are not making it up

The answers? Within the first 20 minutes of an Animal University Class. With any ability and skill a strong foundation is necessary to excel quicker and more confidently. Your desire to learn will propel you only so far.

It is confidence that will carry you forward. And because of your success 'hearing the animals' your skills will catapult you beyond your wildest expectations. This is the 'starting point' we all aspire to. You're good to go...

Animal U's Epiphany

Yet with discovery and some success comes a natural desire to want more and that's where Animal University has assumed a new responsibility.

It recognizes that skill and ability are enough to be good. Good is good. However as you converse with more animals you will want to be exceptional. And that is when AU knows you need more.

Animal U Offers YOU a Key to its Information-Rich Vault

It takes more than one class and practice to achieve greatness because the animals and their people are demanding more from you, the Communicator. They want more depth and detail and they want it now.

To meet this new Animal Communication demand Animal U created a New Discovery and Learning Model. It now offers you a Key to its Information-Rich Vault that reaches beyond the norm to accelerate your skills and abilities to exceptional.

Animal U's New Discovery and Learning Model offers you 8 Classes to expand your abilities to meet the modern client's wants; content - quickly and accurately.

Animal U's 8 Classes are offered a la carte or packaged

  • They are on demand/self taught

  • Or you are invited to TeleConversations and Instructions.

  • For your review, all classes are recorded

  • Outlines, notes and other materials are provided

  • Mentor Q & A offered

  • FREE 24/7 private email consultations welcome

This new teaching model is an opportunity that's been percolating in my 3-Decade-Animal Communication Career. Everything I know and have gleaned is offered to you.

It is time to hear your animals. Animal Univeristy is determined to elevate the Animal Communication Profession to its Next Level. You are important participants to the Inter-Species Communication that it will take to accomplish that goal.

Classes Begin...

Thursday, November 10th

How to Communicate with Animals - The first step, discover your own ability.

1 hour 15 minutes

6:00 to 7:15 Mountain Time Zone

$99 a la carte or Package Rates

Want to but cannot make it? Recording Offered.

7 More Classes

Next Date - Thursday, December 1


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