Animal Communication's Expectations

This morning I had a Q & A with myself.

Do you do that too? I’m hoping I’m not the only one…LOL

Now I’m well along in my career; 30 plus years as an Animal Communicator. And I’ve had terrific opportunities and experiences because of it…geez, when I look back on where it’s taken me, literally to the other side of the world I’m very grateful.

So with all that, why would I ask for yet another assignment; what else can I do?

The answer? Help others create their own amazing experiences, too.

How, I asked? Share what you know.

Okay, and why? Because what you foresee as Animal Communication’s Next Expectancy is well within one’s abilities but not quite there – yet.

And, there’s more? Yep, your job, er… my assignment, is to walk the talk I’ve foreseen.

Wow, I didn’t expect that kick-in-the-pants from my tête-à-tête.

From My Perspective – Challenges on the Horizon

Animal Communication as a profession is changing. It shifted from parlor phenomenon way back when, to legitimacy today. It serves not only the personal interest, it now blends perfectly into other wellness modalities, even veterinarian practices.

Animal Communication’s reputable reputation was earned with years of conscientious work by credible communicators committed to raising their profession’s bar. As a result, today’s client now demands, deserves and expects more. They want bigger, better, quicker sessions filled with trustworthy and accurate information – period.

Are Animal Communicators Ready for this New Challenge?

This very serious question deserves serious consideration. Animal Communicators serve both the animal and the person. They are advocates, mediators, counselors, resources, helpers, fixers and saviors; privy to private thoughts held exclusively in confidence. Their clients sincerely depend on their integrity yet still demand more. With all the pressures, can we keep up?

As a Practicing Animal Communicator I have foreseen this trend.

As the Founder of Animal University© there is a solution to this New Challenge.

Who will it serve?

Those entering as well as those seasoned in the profession.

Introducing Animal University’s

Authentic Animal Communication© 2017

It is your Self-Guided Opportunity that Provides Everything You Need to Discover, Stay Current, Maintain Your Stamina and Desire to Serve, Help and Support Animals and Their People.

AAC is an Open Door into AU’s Unlimited, Information-Rich Library, Live Mentoring, Recorded Mentoring & a Cache of Select Products, Plus Personal, One-on-One, On-Demand Support for the Newby, Practicing and Master Animal Communicator.

AU’s Commitment to You…

To Achieve Affective, Accurate & Authentic Interspecies Communications

A Private Note from Joyce…Its Visionary

I have accumulated more knowledge, experience, content and know how that fill volumes. It is my goal to share this as well as the terabytes that consume my computers and external hard drives.

I look forward to sharing what I know. Hoarding serves no one.

I’ve learned that we all have a purpose. And when we discover what that is our lives feel more complete and worthy. For me, this is yet another purpose I was destined to make; to share my knowledge.

AU’s New Model

In the past I’ve held many classes teaching animal communication, typically a one-day experience. I have since altered my perception of what’s best for those entering the profession as I feel they are not well served with that model.

In my opinion proficiency in spontaneous and accurate communicating with another species requires on-going guidance and support.

Success as a single- or complimentary-career demands a strong desire, a determined focus, incredible stamina and most important, support.

When I started I was on my own. All my learning came from being on the hot seat, under pressure and with much trial and error. There were some disappointments and I always questioned my accuracy. It took a while before my confidence met my expectations. You do not have to be alone or wait like I did.

Animal University’s© vault is overflowing with content and connections to ensure your success.

Animal University© is offering you an incredible opportunity to Receive Your Own Personal Key to its Private Vault, an accumulation of 3-decades content, wisdom and experience.

This is an offer with true intent. Animal University© invites you into the spotlight within this profession’s next level.


Joyce Leake

Animal Communicator since 1994, Founder of Animal University, Author, Speaker, TV Personality

Founder of

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