Two of a Different Kind

Odd Ducks are terrific listeners. We seek good conversations because we are genuinely interested in what others have to say.

Our Motto

  • There is always more to learn

  • And there are other Odd Ducks to connect with

There is only one criteria that Odd Ducks espouse; regardless of conversational partners, we expect to be heard and will honor like in return.

There are always challenges such as distractions and busyness that can quickly interrupt and intervene good intentions. Yet true to form, Odd Ducks will make all attempts to maintain their interest. Sadly their conversation partners are not always so committed.

Most noticeably it is when Odd Ducks are most vulnerable; genuinely sharing, expressing and pouring their hearts out.

However, the saving grace is when the adept Odd Duck's intuitive antenna is at its peak capacity. All incoming signals are quickly revealed. Is the listener interested or not, engaged or merely filling space by sadly, lip syncing.

It is demoralizing and humiliating for the Odd Duck genuinely sharing especially when conversing with a non-Odd Duck. It quickly becomes obvious when cavernous conversational gaps beg for fill in; the two are simply not on the same wavelength.

So if this describes an all too familiar experience with its distinctive signs of disinterest, distraction and ho hum, step back and do not take it personally. It is a reveal of yourself with another of not like-kind.

Whether it appears as co-workers, neighbors, friends, spouses, partners or other family - it is what it is. We can still be cordial, enjoy their company, collaborate with and even take into our family or participate in the same.

We are are two distinctive types.

You, as an Odd Duck, in this lifetime are here for a very important reason.

Embrace it. Accept it. Live it.

Joyce Leake, Founder of the Odd Duck Society -

We're Making Waves, One Splash at a Time

Animal and People Communicator,Author, Speaker, Visionary

Founder of The Odd Duck Society

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