The Perfect Post for all Odd Ducks…We LOVE Water…

Whew! Arrived, Unpacked and Water-less - Well, Almost...

…but not when it is NOT running, clogging the sink and ruining your warm and toasties (coats and stuff). That’s just the beginning in the conundrum list from our arrival on December 18th. It’s been a little iffy here in the Lonestar Camp in Coolidge, Arizona, however many lessons learned in the process.

  1. Remember to unclog the gunk out of the water in-line hose

  2. Remember to open the out-line hose

  3. Remember to check connections with a hidden fail-safe screw which explains why you’ve toiled for several hours getting the damn/darn this off – geez!

Of course, all is good now. Even the TV is hooked up for me, the news junkie.

The Good News is a core message prevails. When One Expects Difficulties – One GETS Difficulties – Oops! Forgot that one until smacked in the face with a Big Duck Wave.

We should know this stuff. Do we not practice Receiving Simple and Easy? Thank you, OD Super Powers, for reminding us that we can make our lives simple and easy, or not– we DO have the power (more coming on that subject).

OD Wisdom Tip – When you Expect a Simple and Easy Life You Get a Simple and Easy Life.

OD Wisdom Caution – Be aware of waves with default undercurrents. Despite good intentions, they can and will take control. Be on the Lookout!

Uh oh! Did I mention it's raining today?

More’s comin’ from our winter homestead.

Joyce Leake, On Point Odd Duck

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