News from Winter Headquarters in Coolidge, Arizona

Year Two in the Arizona Winter Headquarter for Joyce Leake Unlimited and More

It seems as if we’ve been here for a month when in truth it’s only been one week, arriving on the 19th of December. Our drive was supposed to be a smooth ride especially after escaping from Colorado with a high predicted only 5 degrees. We thought we were pretty darn clever until within 2 hours from home the wind had us in its grip and was determined to hold on for the entire thousand-mile journey.

South of Walsenburg, Colorado we witnessed three semis on their sides, one consuming both lanes and even half of the medium. Carefully we followed the lead car and navigated around the downed-semi, me towing the side-by-side and Roy pulling the horse trailer. Hold on, Hank! It’s going to be a little scary rockin’ and rollin’ to the other side. All ended well and we were again on our way with blustering wind tempering our speedometers to what felt like a snail’s pace.

First night our intended destination was thwarted because of the wind. We just couldn’t drive any further so we opted to spend the night in Las Vegas, New Mexico. Now that shouldn’t have been a problem but when towing a horse there is no room in the inn for an equine.

What to do with Hank became our dilemma. Within a few phone calls we happened upon the nicest farrier who took Hank in for the night. He provided a cozy covered run which was great because that night the heavens opened and it poured. No worries for Hank. He was dry, warm and eagerly munching on terrific mountain hay with a nice gelding buddy to keep him company.

Truck and car packed again…off we went down the interstate for our next stop over. Murphy, our dog, snored away in the back seat lulled by the sound of the tires meeting the road and as well as the cradle-like rocking by that darn wind.

Our intended destination this time offered NO horse facilities – NONE – No Where – NADA – No Way. Our only choice was to put the pedal to the medal and drive straight through to Arizona – our Winter Headquarters. It made for a long trip but it was sure nice to arrive safe, sound and with accommodations for us and for Hank; his stall awaited.

Time to move into our digs, get cozy, reconnect with friends we made last year and make new ones from this year and, have some fun.

More's comin... The Saga Picks Up - Plumbing problems can sure thwart a good time.


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