Call to Action

The truth is 2017 can be a pivotal year.

Yet many complain that their lives are not what or where they thought they would be which indicates in itself a sense of disappointment and thoughts of not (good) enough and even sadness when describing their expectations.

So, if such is the case, knowing there is not only something missing but wanting more of, why isn't there a rush to jump on the band wagon and forge ahead to fulfill dreams and goals.

The truth is people are creatures of habit and in that habit there is a sense of sameness and repetition that manifests itself in an odd comfort. When one is comfortable in one's space he becomes numb to and enticed by the hum of its sameness.

In spite of its lumps, bumps and corresponding challenges, it oddly feels good.

And until that comfort becomes uncomfortable will one do something about it.

This is not something new or profound, it just is.

So until one, you, decide to notice that your life wants and needs a change, your call to action may be delayed.

All in good time as one wise man said. All in good time.


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