A Cats Named Sam

Or, don't ask an Odd Duck to name your baby if it's a cat and it's black.

Meet Loren, an Odd Duck businessman with a quirky way of keeping track of names, particularly his pet cats.

What qualifies Loren as an Odd Duck?

Because he inadvertently has been adhering to the Universal Odd Duck mantra; to Live a Simple and Easy Life.

Why make it difficult choosing a name?

Loren's method takes the guess work out of finding the perrr-fect name for his kitties because for some odd reason he always chooses black ones, or they choose him. There's something magical about a black cat, isn't there?

So when his roping horse came to him, and he happened to be black, what did he name him?

Sam, of course.

Life can be Simple and Easy, according to Loren, that is. But we knew that because we're Odd Ducks too.


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