Counting Fishes Makes for Fewer Fishes

Or as the experts refute, there are more fishes in the sea than we previously estimated simply because we didn't know they were there. Now that we do, there are More, and that's a good thing.

What's up with the Fishes?

As a metaphor for life this is no surprise, however, as an Odd Duck, why do we too often struggle with a sense of lack regardless of evidence to the contrary? i.e., money, friends, abundance, connections and so forth. Seems the more we count, calculate and worry over, the less we get.

There is literally More of everything in our Universe than we are informed of, conditioned towards, patterned after, accepting and so forth. Truth be told - our planet has more stuff than any other and, that our sustainability is inevitable, if only we will take the time and apply the principles so carefully provided for our use. Ask and you will Receive.

Our challenge is to look beyond our present situation and see more of whatever it is that is currently skimpy, less or needing more of in your world today. You can change changing that pattern for a bigger, More, tomorrow.

If you are feeling a little tight in the financial world, which seems to be the one place we worry and connect a sense of lack with the most, this simple illustration may be helpful for you. There are more fishes in the sea as there is more money, financial gain and other monetary rewards than we give our self credit to Receive. Know that abundance awaits you.

Become that Receiver and you will quickly notice the differences in your pocketbook.

Three Power Phrases to Get Quickly

1. Decide you want it

2. Expect to get it

3. Receive it

You are allowed...

With best regards,


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