Why Animal Communication?

From my earliest recollection I have had an affinity for animals, especially dogs and horses. Yes, of course, cats were in my friendly zone, however, not until later in life. They say that children emulate their parents and in this case my mother played a direct part.

I learned later in her life the root of her bushy-hat fear, as she referred to the phobia. In the cold, damp root cellar of a Philadelphia row house, a cat pounced on her from the rafters. From that one experience she was permanently separated from the purrr-fectly possible relationship she could have had with cats.

All I can say is that I LOVE animals and have a very special sense about them. It's been that way since my first recollection with our dog, Max. Me at about 4 years old and Max, well, it didn't matter to me how old or young he was. He was just Maxxie.

I've written stories about Max over the years and maybe one day you will read them. But he was the ONE who got me started on this journey as I reflect back onto it.

What I do in my profession is, well, I'm a listener and problem solver. Most people connect with me and my skills because they have a problem of some sort with their dog, horse, cat and more. It could be health, personality, relationship or something as common as peeing or pooping where it shouldn't happen.

My responsibility is to figure out the cause of the problem and lend help to fix it.

It's as simple as that.

How do I do this?

Most of my clients I never meet. I mean, I've been doing this for 25 plus years with clients all over the world. The phone is my conversational tool.

There is certainly more to explain, because most people want to know how I do this on the phone and I'll be glad to share.

So if you have an issue, need help or just want the answer to our most pressing question, "does my animal love me" please connect with me.

And, for horse people, my specialty is lameness issues.

Thank you for reading.

Joyce Leake

Oh, and yes, there is always more to my story too...

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