Whatever I say

Whatever I say will not fix your problem.

Whatever you say will.

The human condition is really more complacent than we figured. It seems the cozier we are with our situation the longer we tend to stay put. Until our staying put does not serve our purpose any longer.

There is no time limit on staying put, however, the sooner we do something about what ever that looks like the sooner the better. It's not easy to take a good look and see what equates to discontent but bravo for taking that first step.

How often do we lean on others to help us through our dilemma only to finally discover that it was us all along that needed to come to some reconciliation about it - not them.

Life is pretty simple when we see from a yes and no position. Are you discontent? Yes, or no. Your answer, whatever you say, will determine where you are today and help to jostle where you can be tomorrow.

All issues, problems, discontentment and more are fixable but only if you decide they're, no, you are worth it.

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