My First Joy

My name.

No, I did not 'name myself' or maybe I did. There is a discussion that fetuses send vibes to their biological parents to influence their name choices; my name should be this in this life time, please.

I must have driven my mom crazy lobbying for the name that I felt best fit me because the name she had picked out, Dale, wouldn't.

And in reflection of how my life has turned out, Joyce was/is the perfect name for me.

Joyce oozes of joy, the spiritual sense of self-fulfillment that transcends pressures, influences and other distractions that joy dissuades. When one is joy one knows one is an integral part of the universe; shielded from opposing elements.

Says one of the name Joyce...

If you know a joyce, you're damn lucky. if you're friends with one, you're the luckiest person in the whole world, perhaps the universe. A joyce has qualities of an unbelievably amazing person. She's lovable, funny, gorgeous, trustworthy, loyal, breathtaking, sweet, and incredibly caring and understanding.

Now a joyce may not be quite that be all end all but she can be. There are truths in the description.

All I know is when my parents accepted my name it set my life's precedent. Did I live it accordingly from my beginning? No, I did not.

There were many highs and lows. Life could have been easier had I only known.

Today listening to my Soul's voice confirming that joy is perfect for me I now accept and live...

I am Joyce. I am joy full. I am Joy.

Joyce Leake, Living My Namesake

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