True Confession

It's time to fess up; my first animal communication with our dog, Max.

What I remember, and what may jog your memory too if you read my book, The End of the Line, is the story of Max's walk on the newly-painted, red breeze-way floor and the gray carpet that, well you probably can guess how that panned out. We both looked at each other and our expressions? Priceless.

"We're in trouble now".

It's funny how memory can hold onto significant opportunities. Like a sleeping beauty it waits, with undying patience, until awakened.

Its service to one's future is profound; all memory is stored neatly in every soul's personal cache.

For those who long to access their ability and hear the animals, all your know-how and experience are awaiting your notice.

Animal Communication is not a gift, it is who you are, if that is what you choose to be.

If this is your path you'll soon notice an enrichment in your life that surpasses personal empowerment.

Just imagine, you are communing with a species other than your own.

You are one blended with the all knowing.

You have elevated your personal self to a level few attain.

So, if this is your pursuant by all means accept it.


Joyce Leake

Animal Communication since 1994

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