Simple + Easy = Joy

Traveling from our Universal Truth to live a human life never pictured life = strife & struggle.

Entering humans anticipated life = simple & easy.

What a shock to learn otherwise.

Some say that without struggle how can happiness be appreciated?

Others question why can't we get rid of struggle and perpetually appreciate happiness?

We can.

Well, then why don't we?

It's not that we do not as much as it is we do not know how.

As Brandi, once stuck and now enjoying a fluid life, explained, "Humans, people, were meant to move; move their bodies and move their thoughts for defined outcomes."

According to her all it takes is to be willing to shift from no to go. After that, simple and easy seeps into even the most stuck candidate.

1 + 1 = 2 Easy Go-Move Steps

First, recognize that there is something in your life that you would like shifted, not necessarily changed, but altered to enjoy life, simple and easy.

Jennifer, a working mom, explained that her ideal shift was to balance family and work. At the end of the day her stress was so severe struggling to find time for both left her worrying herself into a frazzle. Quality time with either seemed hopeless. She conceded it was what it was.

Second, say yes to go.

Jennifer wanted to shift from struggle to simple and easy but felt at odds with what to do next. The Joyful MoveMent suggested to move.

She made the decision to make the shift now all she needed was a plan to get more space in her already too-full day. She could have used her valuable time to contemplate, study and form a plan or she could simply release and allow for a hoped-for outcome to happen.

That's what Jennifer did. She chose to include a very simple phrase in her daily routine...

I am a Receiver of balance.

Within a week miraculously more time and space crept into her day. Odd open spaces happened to help her add here and take away from there; what once were too-crammed times. Rush hour oddly flowed, dinner was a snap, laundry just happened, work was smoother, pressures less, responsibilities fewer.

Miracle? Some say yes; others say why analyze. All one needs is a simple solution.

Life is simple and easy when we are willing to recognize a need and be willing to follow through with a focused voice.

What do you want to shift? Are you willing to get it?

More's comin'... because I am a Receiver of your stories.

Joyce Leake

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