Chocolate Cake Can Wait

When served the shear artistry laid before she felt her posture elevate.

With each frosting-swirl its lacy-sculpted edge begged her fork to relish its reward.

As she reached for the implement to complete her anticipation she heard a small voice whisper in her ear, 'wait'. Don't. Consider. It may be too good. It's better to hold back, delay and think about it tomorrow.

What? She screamed. Are you crazy? This before me is begging for a taste. All right, I hear your voice. You have my best interest at heart. Perhaps I should delay. Although tempted - caution is the best course.

I'll wait. It will be here tomorrow.

And so she did proving to herself before that delay was in her best interest. As before, this potential life-enriching opportunity can - wait.

Next day progressed to next week. The chocolate cake, her favorite delicious and rewarding, hardened. Her memory of that first look waned and her wait became hardened now lost.

Waiting, delay, procrastination too often can separate you from a rich reward. Countless hours, books, seminars and other self-helps await your investigation. All have good intentions assuming you will apply their assistance.

Or, you can remember what you've studied and when the next opportunity whispers in your ear you will not allow it to stale but pick up your fork and take a bite. You never know what is in store until you taste its potential.

Joyce Leake, Founder of The Receiver Network

Author, Speaker, Intuitive for People and Animals since 1994

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