Throwback Life, Wrong Date

I’m a home body. I know that may seem a little out of character especially when I’m with friends. I can be ‘the life of the table’ with all my stories. I never thought I had any stories to tell, however, my friends’ encouragements over the years have convinced me otherwise.

I do have some doozies and I’ll try to be brief when telling…so, here goes.

Wrong Date Sally…that’s me

Like I say, I’m really a stay at home with my fav – my hubby of 30+ years. I’m not all that great in crowds but he is. It’s amazing how he can walk into a room and without even trying end up being noticed. He has that Texas politeness and good manners that attracted me many years ago.

So when friends ask me to socialize, I can easily revert to the shy butterfly. Now put me in front of a crowd where I can share my business and that’s a different story all together. No worries. I seem to suck up plenty of go juice and relish in the stress of on-demand. Now explain how that works!

Anyway, it was in the spring, May to be exact. We had just returned from 5 months wintering in Arizona. Arriving back home was a bit surreal to say the least. I couldn’t remember where anything was when it was where I left it. Confusing? A little more than I had thought but within a week all was back to normal, or so I thought.

Friends called and asked me to go with them on a girl’s weekend in Estes Park, Colorado to a Reined Cow Horse event. We’d stay at a resort, reconnect with other horse friends, drink a little wine, eat great food and laugh continuously. Sounded great until my little voice reminded me that staying home was a good thing too.

After several talks with myself I figured, what the heck? I’m going. Plans made, schedule rescheduled. Clothes ready…weather report? Yikes!

Now in Colorado you can never depend on the weather and this upcoming weekend was no exception. Cold, rainy, snow! What was I thinking? Who wants to sit in an arena outside, muddy, freezing? Not me, didn’t I escape to Arizona to avoid weather like that?

I sent an email asking if the gang wanted to reconsider and in response their words were odd to say the least. No one seemed to even care about the weather forecast. It’s going to Snow! I replied. So what?

Finally, I called to tell them voice-to-voice to make my point.

What are you talking about? They returned in chorus. After a few more back and forth I/they got it. My calendar needed adjusting…June was the go away month – not May! Geez! And here I’d rescheduled stuff to go and now? Oh well…no worries. I goofed up big time.

Moral of my story? L I S T E N more carefully before jumping to the calendar with my conclusion. And, when in doubt, C A L L and leave the emailing to other communications. I could have avoided several stresses if I’d only picked up the phone. Modern or Ancient Technology? There’s a time for both.

Excerpts from Throwback Life - My Stories I credit for Who I Am

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