You Cannot Live Without Imagination

This Sunday Morning's Conscious Conversation


"How you simply cannot live without it."

A quote from the Dean of Harvard University's Graduate School of Education, James Ryan's New York Times Bestseller, Wait, What?, is a reminder that true wisdom comes from asking the right questions. ..."kids are born curious but they become less curious over time".

Could this curious conundrum expose that kids' curiosities out picture organic visions only to be tempered for the sake of the norm?

If so, what could we expect for the adult who is/was challenged accordingly? Emotional struggle, frustration and conflict, i.e.; imbalance.

And as adults are we not reminded of our own subliminal tampering; imagination is for dreamers, how many dreamers you know can pay the mortgage.

Our saving grace is that intuitively we know imagination is the dreamer's lifeblood, his primal fuel awakening the dream to live it and fulfill its purpose.

Yet sadly we too often place it in a secondary capacity over shadowed by intellect and logic.

This Sunday Morning's Conscious Conversation helps you to rekindle your relationship with your inner lifeblood and employ it for your good purpose.

Join us and be amazed..


When we squelch imagination vulnerable spaces expose and drain will settle.

Joyce Leake

Imagination's Back Story connects the dots; Your Conscious Thought and Your Unlimited Imagination.

  • Who is drawing the picture?

  • Who is coloring its details?

  • Who is designing destiny?

Your Conscious Thought is a precious resource vulnerable to good and not-so-good static buried within crowd thought.

Your best success requires a simple bypass to Receive your imagination's design regardless of the thick. Conscious Conversations tells how to Receive.

This Sunday, May 21st from 9 tobefore 10 a.m. (Mtn Time Zone)

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Who is Joyce Leake?

An Intuitive for animals, an Animal Communicator, and now, for people too.

My calling? To broaden my intuitive skills and Receive my next Gift...The Receiving Network.

I am an avid seeker for answers, yet like many others, have avoided for more reasons than space allows.

I avoid no more.

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