Congratulations! You Earned It

It is agreed; most parents want their kids to earn a college or university Degree. To them it signals a step in the right direction, builds confidence and offers their child certain advantages.

All true except for many, not the 'certain' advantages.

Many graduates, now in the work place, reveal a secret concern; regardless of their degree, experience and accomplishments their confidence is shaky. It is not strong and assured because they suffer from a common syndrome; not good enough.

When traced throughout human history not good enough renders insecure memories. When in the olden days if you were not good enough you may have found yourself a delicacy on a predator's plate, drowning in a ranging stream, freezing to death from lack of fire, struggling for your food and then, battle; if you couldn't fight your outcome was inevitable.

Struggle is rigor, work, hardship; it is human existence's due diligence from its first footprint. However if not good enough is one of your struggles, or someone you know, there are options to choose otherwise.

So what if you failed before. The TRUTH is you had other chances and that is what this life and all the others you experienced provided, another opportunities to succeed.

No we are not disposable and should not just give up and give in to challenges now or forever. We should consider that putting the onus on an emotional issue entraps - if that is what you are buying into.

What if this common issue could be explained in another way? What if being not good enough was an asset and not a liability in your memory cache?

What if you considered that not good enough was a required class to graduate from your own University. Not just any University but the one that is THE most prestigious of all, The Universal University tutored by an impressive Faculty, Universal Consciousness.

Now what more could you ask for?

You see being here in this life now is clear evidence that you have Graduated Cum Laud with an Advanced Degree in Good Enough.

You can accept your degree and move forward or you can decline its grand invitation.

If you choose yes yet request 'how' Allow The Receiver Code to walk you through the process. Your Life, Simple and Easy , is waiting.

What is The Receiver Network?

It is a Network for those willing to Receive unlimited answers, unlimited clarity and an unlimited life. If you wonder, question and seek for more, The Receiver Network's Network promises to inform and support your quest. We know you know there is more.

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