Connie's Receiving Experiences

Only three short weeks ago I took Joyce's succinct class on the "receiving" process.

Within hours and days I started receiving that which I had asked for, from a startlingly quick drive across town to my next appointment after her class, to a couple of days later receiving a job offer which vastly improved my work life and allowed me to work from home for the same salary as I had been making while spending over two hours a day commuting and getting ready for work (plus get rid of an angry boss!)

With Joyce's encouragement I made a pretty comprehensive "want" list, and there is scarcely an item on the list I haven't seen some progress on, if not downright resolution. A close family member who hadn't spoken to me for six months sent me a birthday card. My grumpy, stuff-challenged roommates have suddenly become more cheerful and helpful around the house, even voluntarily downsizing their "stuff footprints." On several of my work projects that I had worried would require time-consuming revisions I have been told, "It's OK, leave it like it is. No problem." My girlfriend I told the process to decided to say "I am receiver of a new, working computer printer," after hers had multiple technical problems. Three days later her mom said, "Hey, do you want this printer? I bought it a while back, but I've hardly used it. I really don't need a printer."

I even received two pizzas and an order of bread sticks for the price of one pizza, and I hadn't even asked for that! (Does this prove receiving works, or what??)

Best of all, I have received many valuable insights, after taking Joyce's advice to trust the process and ask for exactly what you want, no matter how remote or odd it seems. I had been pondering for years whether to remain in a garden club (despite many boring meetings that seemed to have little to do with learning how to garden) and a realtors' association I belong to to market a side business, despite actually getting very little business from this source. I said "I am a receiver of the answer as to whether there's any point to remaining in these lame situations." I sat down to meditate on the question, and in five minutes the answer popped in my mind like lightning as I made a bizarre connection between them and a comment a friend of mine made that her two dogs seemed to flock to me whenever I come over, always parking at my feet or under my chair, completely abandoning the one who really takes good care of them (her!)

I realized the point of the garden club was not me learning more about gardening, and the realtor association was not about me selling more of my product. They were both about me learning to be a leader; learning to draw people to me; practicing my Pied Piper skills, on the path to one of my dreams--becoming an author/speaker of great beneficial influence, rather than simply an author.

Thank you, Joyce, for getting me in the habit of receiving, and for the wonderful results I have already experienced!

Thank you, Connie, for inspiring others to Receive.

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