Jail Bird or Free Bird

You can count on Free Bird to describe me; I hope for you too.

Sadly, for too many life is stifled, restricted and constricted.

And sadly, for those who have chosen that route, the turn off to better, freer and relieved is too often overlooked on life's map.

It doesn't have to be that way. No matter what you think is in your way regardless if it is real, fantasized or a lay-over from too many experiences, your life can be different.

Will it take a dose of courage?

Yes, but aren't you already courageous doing what you're doing when you know deep inside there is something else you're supposed to be doing but you courageously avoid doing it because...because, why?

As John Randolph Price shares from his life's work, "Humans were never meant to experience lack, less or struggle".

Doesn't living a life that includes all those descriptions require some degree of courage?

Geez, life really is too short to not live it like you want it to be lived.

It all depends on your point of view.

THE C.O.D.E. is coming to help you sort it all out - Simple and Easy.

Love it...Love you...Love life - Your Way.

Joyce Leake, Author of THE C.O.D.E.


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