How to Answer a Simple Question

What can be easier than answering a simple question?

Plenty especially when asked to name 3 things you'd secretly like different, better and/or more and less of in your life. How you wish it could affect your life. So many choices, how do you choose?

Sounds easy enough yet for many deciding is just too difficult. Because by admitting that you'd like something different tomorrow implies something is not right how it looks and feels today.

Regardless of how much you wish it could be different for many it is just not fathomable, too big a stretch to receive as the mere thought fans an emotional tailspin.

THE Receiver C.O.D.E. is not in the habit of making things difficult, on the contrary, its philosophy is Simple and Easy. So choose your perfect choice and begin Receiving. Here is a list of questions to ponder, contemplate and help you narrow your choice decisions.

Ask yourself...

  1. What do I really wish I could have?

  2. What if this was different?

  3. What if he/she was in/out of my life?

  4. If I had more money how would that affect my life?

  5. What about stress?

  6. My job? My career?

  7. Free time? My own time? Any time?

Jot a few notes on your feelings, perspectives and willingness from your answers.

Next, it is time to choose 1 to 3 things that you feel would improve your life.

The rest is easy...when you complete the I am a Receiver of _____________ .

And finally, You are allowed to Receive.

Say it like you mean it.

Expect to Receive it.

Do it now. Your Opportunity is waiting.

Joyce Leake, Author of THE C.O.D.E.

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