I am a Receiver became Jennifer and Randy's daily mantra a few months ago.

From day one their lives shifted from less to more but THIS more on the day before the last day of the Tax Filing Date Deadline proved to be one welcome surprise.

Back in April their accountant informed them they owed an additional $2091 for the 2016 tax year. Despite good intentions to budget, just in case they would owe more, their coffers proved scant the amount needed to file.

Their extension gave them more time but not enough to simply write the check.

Their Receiver mantra now included coming up with the funds to pay as good citizens do.

Little did they know that there were behind-the-scene Receiver elves working on their behalf soon proven when their accountant phoned to ask a few more questions regarding their return.

"We haven't filed it yet", they said.

"Great", replied the accountant. As he further explained a few oversights that could save them some money if they were willing to grant him a few days to review.

Of course, they gleefully said...please proceed.

To their amazement the next call from their accountant shared that not only did he find legitimate ways to reduce their taxes but he found enough to warrant a refund.

With smiles and many thanks they gleefully signed the return, licked a few stamps and sent the return on its way.

"I am a Receiver works", they both share. If you are not Receiving you're missing out.

Just ask Jennifer and Randy. They'll confirm.

Have a great day...

Joyce Leake, Author of THE C.O.D.E.

Get yours never know what you will Receive just in the nick of time.

Been there, done that? Tried that...sometimes works but not reliably so?

THE C.O.D.E. is a proven method to expedite your life's desired direction.

Receive more of and/or less than in your life and live a Simple and Easy style now.

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