Baker, Baker, Receive Me a Cake

THE C.O.D.E. is uncomplicated; a lot like baking a cake. Simply follow the directions and enjoy its rewards.

Step One: Choose the flavor.

Step Two: Bake it.

Step Three: Embellish it.

Step Four: Receive it.

Step Five: Trust it.

Step Six: Repeat.

THE C.O.D.E. agrees. All recipes have a chemistry, as does THE C.O.D.E. And, all recipes work best when followed as directed.

THE C.O.D.E. does not agree. All recipes' perfect results come from proper research, due diligence and hard work.

THE C.O.D.E.'s philosophy... why complicate a result when all you have to do is make a decision; do you want the cake or not?

Yes? Simply simply choose your flavor and enjoy. When you want more, repeat and Receive.

It really is that simple...that easy...and that fulfilling.

I am a Receiver...and Now You are a Receiver too.

Please pass the plate...your cake awaits.

Joyce Leake, Author of THE C.O.D.E.

My job is to encourage you away from what is not working for you and encourage you towards what will. THE C.O.D.E. - a simple and easy means to your fulfillment - Yum!

Joyce Leake, Author of THE C.O.D.E. & 2018 Release - Stop Searching and Start Remembering

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