You Are Gifted

Joyce Leake - Simply Leaking Secrets - Again

When we think of someone as gifted - i.e., an intuitive, healer, musician, mathematician or other descriptive we typically assume so as a one-time thing; something rare and special, unique to just that person, not for ourselves.

"I could never do what he does...I don't have that gift."

When in truth because you are attracted to that gift you probably have owned it at one time, maybe even now as evidenced throughout your multi-lifetimes.

You were pivotal in its development; monitoring its trial and error, promising to never repeat its lesser than, determining to be better, excel and succeed.

Isn't that how we accomplish our goals today?

You were on a mission then as you are on one today; its ultimate goal dangling its reward when all we have to do is accept it and live it.

Yet along your way you inadvertently collected the not-so-stellar outcomes too which lead to your skepticism of just how gifted you truly are.

Your mission, if you choose to accept?

Simply bypass the memories that hold you in place; override their grip.

You truly are in charge of your own gift.

Seem overwhelming? Impossible? You've been there before?

You can.

Life is short. Live it simple. Live it easy.

There is always more comin' from Joyce's endless cache.

Joyce Leake, Author of THE C.O.D.E.

A pathway to your simple and easy.

Joyce Leake, Author of THE C.O.D.E. - Stop Searching and Start Remembering

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