Introducing Secrets in Hidden Truths

Winters in Colorado seem to be harder and harder…not that I’m complaining! Really? I think I am especially when in comparison to sunny Arizona’s southern spot.

This year we’ve returned to an Equestrian RV Park recommended by friends as the place for fun in the sun with your horses as opposed to scooping frozen poop, donning too many clothes for an enjoyable ride and wiping you know what from an already red, too-cold nose.

Not that I’m complaining…it’s just the facts. Living on the Plains southeast of Denver the winds tend to squelch even the hardiest of equestrians. There was a time when it simply didn’t bother me; in fact it was a challenge – “I can ride more in the winter than you can. Who cares about a face that cannot speak from a 30 minute jaunt”?

So today I am in Sunny Arizona. Third winter.

But this time, sans my horse, Hank. I left him at home to frolic and play with his BFF, Tanner, both in the good hands of our house sitter. You’ll learn more about Christina as she is not only playing a pivotal role in taking care of the home site but helping out with my business too.

So what’s all this have to do with my blog post?

I’m foregoing the convenience of an in-home office space and introducing you to my office on the go in our RV neatly arranged among other Snow Birders. They are riding…I’m here…inside…voluntarily so…working on my next business phase.

My goal this year is to get this thing going and hence the reason for this windy speech.

My message is…

Life really is too complicated these days. We’re way too busy…as our elders would say, “You kids are going to burn yourself out before you’re 30”. I can see their point but as our resilient selves…I’m in my 60’s and still going strong.

Which brings me to my point of what I’m doing…

30 years Communicating with Animals listening to their issues, concerns, health needs, life & death decisions – literally – it’s time to shift gears and share insights as to not only how to talk with your animals yourselves but how to understand your self – in the process – too.

Life can be simple and easy.

All you have to do is – sounds easy – and really IS EASY – when you are more in the know than you are today.

Complications, confusions, anxieties, in completes, indecisiveness and other descriptions are meant to be in your way. You will discover that they are meant to be because in your decision to show up on this planet, that’s what you signed up for.

Your mission if – no – you HAVE chosen to accept it whether you want to or not…

Is to redirect your tide from fluttered to smooth.

And that’s where I come in.

There are many Secrets Hidden within Missing Truths that will remain so unless SOMEONE speaks up.

I’ve been struggling with this task for a very long time until now. Yet I know I designated my self to do this.

Well, there is no better time than right now.

I came here to Arizona this winter without my horse, isolated my self in my own little corner and have stuck to my goal.

I am willing to share with you what I have learned, gleaned, been privy to, studied, researched and literally heard for 50 plus years. That is a lot of time…but it is what my purpose is in this life time to do.

So, here we go.

I hope you stay with me because what I am about to reveal has been there all along.

It’s time now to discover it for your self.

I’m Joyce Leake

Simply Leakeing Bits and Pieces of Truth

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Life is Simple and Easy when you know.

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