Answers to Life's Biggest Questions

After serious contemplation my career welcomes people; they are why I do what I do even if their animals inspired it first.

It was inevitable. 20 years of dogs, cats and horses? How could I not be intrigued; their animals' balance hinged on their own.

That got me thinking if we're in balance then we're not out of balance?

What is balance? And who coined its importance?

The animals narrow it down to clarity. For them it is real simple, clarity is The Truth; not what it is not or what we hope, wish or lament it to be.

And clarity is truly a defining moment to be honest with yourself, or at least as honest as you can possibly be. Sometimes we gotta ease into it.

When you're ready for honest questions to spur your honest answers consider these won't go away biggies:

  • Who are you, really WHO are you, what're your roots, foundation?

  • What are you here for - that purpose question again.

  • Why are you experiencing, living - how or the way you do now?

  • Where are you supposed to be; here, there, some place else?

  • How and/or what's your plan to do what you're destined to do?

Talk about a Universal Quiz. If we answer right does our Soul Free Up?

Ah...actually, it does.

What Pushed Joyce to TheNext Series?

The Truth. It has always been the foundation for my Animal Communication Career. My clients trusted me to tell them the truth even when they did not want to hear it. For me, not being truthful served no purpose; I was entrusted to improve their animals' safety, well being and happiness. How else could I do what I did but to tell the truth? Even if it stung it was better than not knowing.

Thus my principle sustaining TheNext Series. It is important to tell hidden or avoided truths even though it may upset and/or shift those fearful of their reveal. We know that knowledge is a foundation for empowerment. It frees, invigorates and enlivens.

I know my purpose is to tell and explain your life's most intriguing questions.

If you like me are ready for more substance and less of the same; the platitudes, mantras and how to's then Welcome to TheNext Series.

It is the whispered Truth I am prepared to say out loud.

Today there is nothing to buy or download. To reach me...

In the meantime watch your inbox for thought-provoking conversations to add to your answer foundation.

Little did I know this conversation would create a wave of you, me and others seeking more. If you want to meet more of like-you in the Denver area, join us...

Sunday, July 15th

9:30 to 11:00 a.m.

Innovation Pavilion

Centennial, CO


Please RSVP

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I know my purpose is to tell.

I know you want to hear.

Till next time, more's comin'.

With best regards,


I am Joyce Leake and I Leake the Truth

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